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For Healthcare Professionals

We require accurate medical records for any durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies provided to all patients. The patient’s medical records must contain sufficient information about their condition to substantiate the necessity for the device. It is your responsibility as the ordering clinician to determine and document the medical need for all healthcare services.

We have put together suggestion documentation in an effort to provide the best care for our mutual patients. Referrals are only designated for healthcare professionals, doctors, DM, NP, PA, etc.

  • Current Age
  • Age at Limb Loss
  • Amputation Level and Cause
  • Status of Medical Comorbidities Related to the Readiness for Safe Use of a Prosthesis
  • Cognitive Abilities Related to the Safe Use of a Prosthesis
  • General Description of Heart and Lung Status
  • General Description of Unaffected Limbs (Scars, Wound, Edema, Etc.)
  • Specific Description of Limb to Receive Prosthesis (Length, Incision, Readiness for Prosthesis)

Our office will request these type or similar records in order to provide service to Medicare patients:

  • Address the current functional problems and anticipated functional benefits of the device within the context of the patient’s medical comorbidities. Some examples include:
    • “This patient has a history of congestive heart failure (CHF), and the reduced cardiac function may limit mobility if not accommodated for with the prosthesis.”
    • “This patient has an end-stage renal disease on hemodialysis, and volume fluctuations may occur.”
    • “This patient has extensive arthritis in the right lower extremity, which should be considered with left AKA prosthetic use.”
  • Reference any discussions or evaluations from other healthcare providers used in making your determinations, such as:
    • “The above recommendations were formulated with input from the (prosthetist, etc.) who was also in agreement.”

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